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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Excellent December. JFC 1 - 1 MS ABDB

Seven points out of nine consider a good performance by our team this month. Tonight we did very well only luck and poor finishing from our foward stopping us from getting maximum points. Arif Ucing become the hero by scoring from a set piece cancel the goal from Suhaimi Yusof in the first half. We show our character again tonight coming back from become but we shouldn't practice this every game. For those who will be away from Brunei, Happy new year Hijrah and Masehi. Enjoy your time where ever you are. But there will be training starting on 28th December.
The red one is not the main sponsor.

Ready for war before the game.
Makan Time.

Monday, 21 December 2009


Doa dulu sebelum lawan MS ABDB esok malam.
Siapa yang macam askar?

Thursday, 17 December 2009

JFC 5 - 2 BSFT

Fourteen minute gone we were down 1-0. Another minute we were down again 2-0. A dreadful start considering the possesion we have. Abang was yelow carded after an attempt to knock out BSFT player eventhough he received two footed tackle. Everything not going right for JFC. But we wake up and show our character by quickly settle back and raise up the tempo. It was paid when a lovely cross from Rahim was nicely head into the net by Mendy. Mendy double up his tally again by an header from my precise and cute corner kick. First half ended 2-2 eventhough ther's a chance to add somemore.

Second have we start like flash when Mendy again completing his hatrick only less than one minute on the clock. After that its all Jerudong Football Club rulz. Azwan and Tupai scored 4th and 5th goal.

1st Eleven : Samsul, Ucing, Abang, Jojo, Shah, Dahlan, Radzi, Arrifin, Rahim, Azwan, Mendy.
Reserve : Samra (mendy), Tupai (Rahim), Lantik, Rano, Bob, Asril, Akeem, Sumbat (Shah), Mang Basar.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

JFC 4 - 1 NBT FC

Congratulation guys for a great performance last night. Numbers of key players missing for the games due to personal reason and injuries. Kudo to Ariffin and Jojo for their first debut. No question on Arrifin capability since he's not new to the league and recently selected as best players in Inter Ministry Tournament. For Jojo, with the absentees of Akeem he did very well. But the star of the night should be Azwan scoring two goals and also miss a lots of clear cut chances. Maybe he just be transformed after the ASEAN school tournament in Vietnam. Two more goal scored by Mendy and Asril.

For the next game, we need to re-shuffle again due to un availability numbers of key player. So please come training starting tommorow.

There's also a great news last night, Manager announced that three best players of the season will entitled 3days 2 night Holiday package to Kuala Lumpur. It's nit a joke, its really really true. For those want to join me, you better start banking.. hehhe Confident.

Hafiz, Arif Ucing, Abg, Jojo, Shah, Dahlan, Rahim, Radiz, Ariffin, Tupai, & Azwan
Shmasul (GK), Rano, Asril (Arif), Mendy(Tupai), Samra (Rahim), Bob.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


To : All JFC players, commitee, fans, and management.
Where : Aneka Rasa Restaurant Kiulap
Date : 08/12/2009
Time : 19.30 Onwards. There will be Early bird prizes

Friday, 4 December 2009

October & November Playa Of the Month





Congrats guys, keep it up.


JFC 2 - 0 Mengelait FC
04/12/2009 @ 16.00 p.m.
Padang Kebajikan Berakas.
Changed the opponent last minute. Both goal scored by Rahim. Mengalait line up different players compare to our last meeting. Beleived they will be competetive in the Second round Perdana Dua.

04/12/2009 @ 19.00
Stadium Hassanal Bolkiah Restaurant

Postponed to : TBC

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Goalscorer - Radzi & Dahlan.

We only manage to break the deadlock when Radzivaldo masuk Second Half.. HEHEHHE.. Lots of chances and a lotsss of mis chances jua...

Hafiz, Arib, Abang, Arif, Shah, Zul, Sumbat, Samra, Ripin, Rahim, Bob, Kusil, Dahlan, Radzi.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

JFC 5 - 0 BAB

Goal scorer - Wadi, Radzi, Lantik Lantik, Tupai.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

DST League Cup : JFC 1 - 2 QAF FC

Guys it is the same note again, we've been beaten by QAF Fc in the 2nd round of DST league Cup. Thanks to unlucky things that we got. I'm the kind of person that believed with good play, you can win a game, but if you don't have luck, nothing can go towards you. We have more than ten clear chances which hit the post and save by the performing QAF FC. He should get man of the macth award. QAF FC outplayed by us, manage to break the deadlock by a wonderful long range shooting from Hadiman.

Second half we totally dominate the game. Being offensive doesn't mean you forget to defend. QAF FC managed to scored the second, after a goal kick mistake by Hafiz. He shout to the left, but went to tthe smallest player on the picth at the right side, Awg Lantik. Wrong person at the wrong time, randah kali ah si Lantik atu. After free flow of attack, JFC managed to bounce back when Mendy managed to follow up a rebound from Kapitan freekick.

Overall, this is the best peformance of the season eventhough we got nothing out of it. Guys don't worry, keep on training, teamwork, believing yourself, Insyallah we will get something in the future. Thanks to all players for the hardwork, management for the foodpack, and the kitman.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

JFC 1 - 1 BSFT

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Do you still remember we've been beaten 2-1? Beaten by a last minute goal? Do you know that we never beat QAF FC? Do you believe that we can beat them? Do we have the strenght to beat them? Do you know that QAF FC player is just a human being? Do you want to wait until Ronaldo, Rooney, Kaka, and Ferdinand playing for JFC then we beat QAF FC?
Guys, God have decided to draw JFC agaisnt QAF FC in the DST League Cup Second round on 28th October. Nobody can't guarantee that we will meet them again in future. Beating QAF FC will be great than beating Manchester united.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Congrtas to all for winning our first game after Hari Raya. Eventhough our steam doesn't rolling as usual, but the important things is grabbing three points. Goal scored by Tupai and Wijaya ex-superstar Abd Norsilmy. It was first debut for Mung Damit which prove that coach Zul will give chances to any players who give their commitments in the training and team. Would like to take opportunity ask apologies for been late last night due to other commitments. Thanks to my lovely wife for the understanding. Looking foward for the next game agaisnt BSFT on 23rd October 2009 at BSRC.

Next training will be on 17th October 2009, 17.00 p.m.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Preview : JFC vs WIJAYA FC

Heelllooo Guys.. Been so long a new post pop up on the screen.. So busy preparing something big in my life plus some other commitmentsss with my employeeeee.... Believed not only my self, but some of us also busy preparing for the Borneo Game which at the end back to square. There's confirmation that numbers of our players have turn down to represent our country due personal reason... Let's forget all of that..

There will be a training session tommorow and Tuesday for the upcoming game agaisnt Wijaya on Wednesday. So for those yang selalu training, keep it up. Pada yang jarang datang or tidak datang langsung, datang saja lah besok and Tuesday...

Saturday, 26 September 2009


On Behalf of Azam, all JFC members are invited to his Hari Raya open house......

27th September 2009
11.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.
No:18, Spg 555, Jalan Jerudong.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Back To Life, Back to Reality, Back To Training

As been informed we will resumed training on the 28th September 2009, 17.00 p.m, Padang Sekolah Rendah Jerudong Brunei II, berdepanan dengan Masjid Amirah Al Hjh Mariam.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Saturday, 22 August 2009

JFC players part time Triumph.

Congrats to Lantik, Abang, Shah, Labi, Asril, and Hj Murni for being 2009 inter minister football tournament sempena Hari Keputeraan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia yang ke-62 after beating MOS 5-0. Mos was represent by Coach Zul and Manager Azam.. Hehehehhehe
Asril @ Kusil was been announced as the best player for the final after scoring two goals.

Tahniah jua kepada Mang besar setelah team M3K yang di wakili nya bejaya menjuarai Kejohanan Futsal sempena Hari keputeraan kebawah duli yg ke 62 tahun.

Di harap semangat mereka akan dapat di bawa kedalam JFC.



Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Dahlan! Sanggup ko liat Kapten mu kena belasah.. Kurang asam...

Sunday, 9 August 2009


At last, we got the present for our newly married manager Azam and assistant coach Hj Lanut after defeating INDERA FC 3-0. Goal scored by Rahim (2) and Samra from a very strange way, header!!!!!!! Well done also to the opponent for showing up good sporting spirit through out the game. Well done guys! Looking foward for friendly game before Ramadhna and Sungkai bersama nyumnyum.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Satu lagi kekalahan yang besar untuk JFC semalam setelah di belasah oleh MAJRA FC dengan jaringan 4-1. JFC bernasib baik untuk menghabiskan separuh masa pertama tanpa di bolosi sedangkan Majra mendapat banyak peluang untuk menjaringkan gol.

Separuh masa kedua kita bermula dengan teruk sekali apabila pertahan gagal membuat clearance dengan baik mengakibatkan gawang di bolosi. Bermula dari situ, banyak kesilapan dilakukan oleh pemain di mana Majra berhasil menambah tiga lagi gol. Gol saguhati untuk JFC di jaringkan oleh Mendy.

Di minta semua pemain untuk belajar dan berusaha lebih keras lagi untuk meningkat prestasi bagi perlawanan seterusnya. Perlu di ingat yang JFC tahun ini terdiri dari banyak muka-muka baru dimana lebih separuh pemain di musim lalu tidak dapat beraksi. Ini bukanlah satu alasan, tapi keyataan nya kita kekurangan dari segi quality dalam latihan, perlawanan, dan kemahuan untuk memenangi perlawanan. Semua ini hanya dapat diperbaiki dengan kemahuan pemain sendiri. Jurulatih dan pengurusan hanya mampu membantu seboleh yang mungkin.

Friday, 31 July 2009





Pada : Hari Ahad
Tarikh : 18 syaaban 1430H
09hb Ogos 2009M
Tempat : N0:7, Spg 124-51 Kg Tagap
Jln Selayun Sengkurong 'B' BG 1721
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Semua pemain dan pihak pengurusan JFC dijemput hadir.

Aturcara Majlis :

10.45 - 11.45 : Menerima Jemputan
11.50 : Berziarah, membaca doa selamat, dan jamuan
12.45 : Hj Lanut berangkat ke rumah Isterinya.



31th July 2009
Jerudong Mini Stadium
16.00 p.m.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Wadi: Performed very well and scored every game. We need some more players like him

PELE : Great efforts and commitments to be in the first eleven. Don't worry bro, the time will come.

JOJO : Full attendant and always try his best in training.
Yang dibelakan atu, pembelot terhormat.. hahhaha

STRANGE GAME.. JFC 1 - 5 AM Gunners

As everybody know that we’ve been thrashed by AM Gunner last night without any mercy. We did prepared well for the game but unfortunately we didn’t approached in a right way during the game. I believed most of the things have been highlighted by the coach after the game. The most important that we shouldn’t put our head down. We win and lose together.

For me this is a new team that need to be improve since the departure of our regular players Zul, Saiful, Hazmi, Buyuy, Jasni, Piling, and Corea. Team will be different if they are around. So wake up guys, it’s a long way to go.

Saturday, 25 July 2009



Awg Mohammad Azam bin DSLJ Haji Mohd Salleh
Pengiran Kerima-Jo binte Pengiran Abd Rahman
Pada : Hari Ahad
Tarikh : 04 Syaaban 1430H bersamaan dengan 26 Julai 2009
Bertempat : Songket Ballroom, Rizqun International Hotel
Menerima Jemputan : 10.30 - 12.00
Semua Pemain dan ahli jawatan kuasa JFC di jemput hadir. Sila berkumpul di lobby jam 10.30.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Last night game proved that we can compete with the top, organised, and well fund team in Brunei. On the picth we performed well as a unit which stop QAF FC from playing their usual total football. Francis Viban Bayong was well marked by Samra eventhough they do not have the same size. Up front Tupai and Wadi work tremendously hard to press the defender and run every ball pass to the opponent half. In defence all was well organised by Abang with fantastic performance from Akeem, Sumbat, and Mang. Believed that they both can play, coach have given full trust too our small but speedy wide player Lantik and Dahlan to tear off the QAF defences.

We did start we well with only some solo run from Ade Erswam did some panic to our defence. Other than that the game was equal. Unfortunately with numbers of unnecessary foul outside the penalty box have cost us lot when Viban managed to score from a well set free kick. With our head still up after goal down, we increase the tempo and it was paid off when Tupai managed to play one two with Wadi where he coolly put the ball at the back of the net. That goal did burst up our spirit and JFC fan get crazy with the same crazy celebration.

Second half both team start cautiously but was open gradually as the time running. Numbers of clear cut chances from both but only the strikers poor finishing to be blame. Towards the end of normal times QAF FC change their strategy by putting Viban as a striker hoping that he can force our defender to make mistake with his physical especially on a high ball. It did work well when he managed to score in the injury time from another set pieces taken by Bob. It all start from a poor pass from Rahim, and unnecessary foul from Mendy. Some players fall to the ground after the final whistle. Only them can feel how painful it is.
In the dressing room coach have some words that need to be think deep by all players, management, and kit man. Don't ever forget it!

Overall it was a fantastic performance only luck was not on our side. Sorry to Azam, should be his big day present even though only one point. We will pay it later....
1st Eleven : Hafiz, Abang, Akeem, Sumbat, Mang, Dahlan, Radzi, Lantik, Samra, Tupai, Wadi.
Reserve: Arib, Pele, Azwan(P), Boy, Huzairol, Rahim(P), Mendy(P).

Saturday, 11 July 2009


11th July 2009
Jerudong Mini Stadium
Be there at 16.00p.m. sharp and wear full official kit.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Tahniah to all listed players, un-official suspended players, commitees, coaches, management, club supporters, and individual supporters.

Nothing much to say other than the our mission accompolished to take maximum points. It's great to win the game last night eventhough we start slow with our new formation. Lets forget about that, the most great things is to see all the club members contributes what ever the can. From the ABDB players who support the warm up session, and the hard working kit man lead by Aziz, Airil, Bob, Dillah, and Piling who in charge giving the food pack after the game.

Overall it a good team works, so lets take the positives thing and bring foward for next game.

QAF FC, Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goal Scorer : Samra & Wadi
1st Eleven : Arib, Mang, Akeem, Pele, Dahlan, Mendi, Radzi, Samra, Sumbat, Abang, &Wadi.
Substitute : Azwan, Asril, Huzairol & Mang Small, Lantik, Labi, Hafiz, & Rahim.
Injured : Tupai.
Suspended by Majikan : Zool, Corea, Pilng, Hazmi, Saiful Azmi, Buyut.
Management : Coach Zul , Asst Coach Hj Lanut, Azam, Hj Murni, Hj Baim, Bak.

Others League result:
AM GUNNERS 2 - 1 Wijaya FC.


Saturday, 4 July 2009


Terima kasih di ucapkan kepada semua pemain dan pihak pengurusan kerana hadir bagi perlawanan persahabatan dengan DPMM FC di Stadium Mini Jerudong.

Eventhough we lose the game yesterday, all players have shown their determination agaisnt the newly crown Singapore league Cup Champion although they did not field up the best eleven. We start very brightly when Mendi scored the first goal from a great free kick. JFC then rised up the tempo which create numbers of chances but fail to increase the tally. DPMM FC which start slow then gradually increase their tempo and managed to scored from spot kick after Pele made a soft tackle in the penalty box eventhough the import striker going now where. JFC did not sit back, from a very fast and furious attack the second goal came after a great square ball from Wadi to his secret admire Tupai.

Second half we start careless when DPMM FC was awarded another spot kick in the first minute when again a soft challenge from defender influence the refree who doesn't shy to point the white dot. The third goal for DPMM FC came from their import after cooly beating Akeem before sloting it to the left corner. Akeem napa kau tackle..EEEE!!!!!

Overall its a good performance where individual mistakes need to avoided especially agaisnt great team. Thanks to DPMM FC for invitating us, looking foward for another macth with you all........

Corea, Pele, Kumang Big, Akeem, Mendi, Rahim, Azwan, Sumbat, Samra, Mendi, Tupai, Wadi, Radzi, Dahlan, Zool, Bob, Dillah, Arib, Din.
Players yang dtg but inda Main:
Abang, Lantik.
Coach, Hj Baim, Azam, Hj Lanut, Bak, Aziz, Aitil, Afiq.


Mang, Aziz (OB), Dahlan, & Coach.
Well done from all players.

Congratulation to Azri @ Mang Basar, Sufian @ Lantik, and Dahlan for becoming the best player for the month of June. Best players was purely selected by Coach Zul base on the attendance, performeance, teamwork, and communication with all players. So far its a very positive attendance in June eventhough we have two weeks break and just started in the middle of the month. So guys, keep it up.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Brunei Times.
MD AZWAN ALI RAHMAN's goal in the 42nd minute was enough to give the National Schools Sports Council (MSSSBD) a 1-0 victory over Brunei-Muara in the 2009 Youth Sports Festival's football final at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, in Berakas, last night.

It was a good counterattack by MSSSBD and bad defence by the Brunei-Muara side that led to the goal.The MSSSBD captain received the ball outside the box, turned brilliantly to avoid a Brunei-Muara defender and went one-on-one with the goalkeeper, Md Fadillah Tarif before unleashing a thunderous strike that beat his opponent.MSSSBD came out storming at the start of the game and almost scored as early as the sixth minute with a header by Md Azwan, which hit the post.

To Azwan, Akeem, and Mang, hope to see you back to training with JFC soon.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

COME ON JFC!!!!!!!!

A very productive weekdays training session plus one friendly game in between. As a bonus, there will be no training tommorow. Today is the best training session that I ever remember and hopefuly we can continue till end of the season. Why I say the best? Because we concentrate, focus, and show determination during the sparing session. We tackle, pressure, and keep the ball very well.

To all ABDB players, sabarlah ah. Not sure when this political drama will end. Just keep on training with the team and be fit all the time.

Less than 3 weeks to go before our third game. The journey masih jauh, so diharap pemain akan dapat memberikan commitment yang lebih untuk kejayaan bersama.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

JFC 5 - 1 Ministry Of Developement.

First Eleven :
Korea, Saiful Azmi, Jojo, Zul, Kumang @ Azri, Cendul, Samra, Sumbat, Mendy, Piling, Wadi
Radzi, Aziz, Airil, Hj Baim, Buyut, Dillah.
Management : Coach Zul, Hj Murni, Azam, Hj Lanut & Tunang, Bak.
Goal Scorer: Wadi (3), Piling, Saiful Azmi.

JFC Players With MOD:
Lantik, Abang, & Labi (injured)

Monday, 8 June 2009


Congrats bro for getting married yesterday.. Sorry we can't escort you to Rizqun. Enjoy your honeymoon but make sure you also get prepared soon for the next game. May Allah bless both of you.. Moga kekal dan happy selamanya. Amin...
Sorry for the pic... hehehhehe hensem kali ah. Go to, baru ada official photo.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


First time I wacth my junior playing and nailed their first win of the season after beating JBS Mengelait 3-2 at SMJA artificial grass pitch this afternoon. So excited wacthing them playing eventhough physicaly they are smaller in average compare to their opponents. JBS lead 2-1 in the first half but JFC come back strongly in second half by scoring two more goals. Plan to give support to the team but at last doing a bit of coaching. Congrats to them.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Clap clap clap clap.. Kudos’ to JFC players and committee for a very good game last night against MS ABDB.

A lot of story been build up towards this games, from the uncertainties service of players working with ABDB, stressful friendly game with Iklas, grueling training by Hj Lanut, and conflict between one player with the coach. This week we also received running shoes with the sexy sock (ladies type) hehhehe. Thanks manager.

A positive sign was shown in the dressing room where all players came on time with complete game kit, committee lead by Aziz & Aieril busy with the kits, and special appearances of Guli.. heheh

We start very nervous in the first half where poor control, less pressure, and discipline among the players clearly visible. We did have some chances but still we didn’t play as usual. MS ABDB managed to take lead from set pieces. Hafiz fails to come out and clear the ball from right side where he can do much better. Eh nya pun nada. Sardillah managed to scores from a dancing header.

We get into the dressing room and listen for some valuable instruction from coach Zul. We know we can do it but some player still lack of confidence and discipline. Second half we try to play more aggresive, stopping them from playing their tone. From a fantastic corner kick by Mendy managed to find Wadi where he head and scored a goal. We celebrate like crazy and a bit diff (shaking with coach). Wadi runs to coach just to let know that the goal is for him. So now no more conflict between Wadi and coach. damai dah heheh. After the leveler both side play for the winning goal. We were lucky that Roy Suhardi only managed to hit the post.

One yellow card to Labi and two stitches to Tupai. He got clash with MS ABDB players and also two days MC.

Overall we played well in the second half. We did meet our promised to make JFC standard level with the top team in the league. League will be break for one month. Next game will be against AH United on 3rd July 2009.

First Elev: Hafiz, Labi, Abang, Akeem, Azri, Sumbat, Samra, Radzi, Mendy, Tupai, Azwan.
Reserve: Arib, Dahlan, Lantik, Mang Damit, Asril, Wadi.
Medic : Hj Baim.
Management: Azam, Coach Zul, Hj Lanut (Aher dtg), Aziz, Fadillah, Atong, Aieril, Bob.
Pemain yang Sengsara Menunggu : Zul, Piling, Korea, Buyut, Saiful Azmi.

Monday, 1 June 2009


On behalf of PELE, would like to invite all JFC players to his wedding function :

7th June 2009
N0 10, Spg 90, Kg Mulaut.
10.45 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.


JFC players on the month goes to:


Prize presentation was done after friendly game at JKR. Congrats to you all and keep it up. Would like to remind all players, we just just only won one game! There's long way to go. So keep on training, give commiment, and teamwork.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

JFC 2 - 0 NBT FC

Congrats to all players, management, kit man, and supporters for winning the first game last night. Goal scored by right foot of Mendy and Sufri@ Tupai. Full story will be update later...


Last Saturday we've changed the training mode to running and swimming as been suggested by Azam. Sorry guys can't join both sessions but at least I've some shots for you all. Ermmm harapkan Hj Lanut sorry lah. Mesti nada kenangan. So enjoy the pics.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


It was a very good turn up last nyte eventhough some members can't turn up due personal reason. Penyambut tetamu tediri daripada Hj Lanut, Hj Baim, and Bak sudah awal-awal lagi menunggu dibawah restaurant. Inda tau menunggu kami kah or lain. Acara di mulakan dengan bacaan doa selamat diketuai oleh Ustaz to be, Azri Jumat. Selepas itu makan, ucapan dari Coach, Pengurus, dan Ketua pasukan. Banyak kata-kata semangat dan nasihat yang di luahkan dan diharap mengambil itu semua secara positive.

Sekali lagi di ingatkan kepada semua pemain yang listed supaya dapat memberi commitment yang sepenuh nya untuk kejayaan bersama. Mungkin banyak halangan yang akan ditempuh bagi individu or pada pasukan tetapi dengan kerjasama dan perpaduan, Insyallah kejayaan akan dapat dicapai.

Terima kasih pada pihak pengurusan di atas dinner and pakain yang telah diberikan. Pada member-member yang inda listed, thanks jua datang. Bah kalat mata ku eh.. inda tantu dh ku menaip ni..

Ustaz Azri lead the Doa.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

To all JFC players and managements.
Rang Mahal Restaurant (Same building with Imperial Sports shop Batu 1)
20th May 2009
Casual attire.

Sunday, 17 May 2009 in DPMM FC Macth report.

Guys, it was really suprised that our blogspot was made as a one whole page articles in DPMM FC macth report magazine agaisnt the Young Lion last night.... Wuuuuuuuuuu.... Ermmmmm..

Saturday, 16 May 2009


First of all sorry guys, nada update blog ani nearly one week udah pasal connection problem di umah and BZ masa ani..

Last Monday we've announced 25 listed players for 2009/2010 season. Manager, coach, Captain, and senior players have a very healthy discussion after freindly game agaisnt ABDB and come up with final 25. It was a hard decision to make after all the commiments given during the pre-season training. Our focus is to set a team which we believe can work as a team, high potential, commited, and mesti bagus main lah.

Will display the final list later. For those yang terpilih, di ucap kan taniah dan diharap dapat menjadikan JFC sebuah pasukan yang di segani dan berjaya. Pada yang tidak terpilih, di ucapkan terima kasih kerana ada yang masih ikut berlatih. There will be a chance in the second round.

Players- "You have become JFC players, so give your full commitmentsss to go through what will be a very fantastic season. Suka duka kita lalui bersama.. heheheh"

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Sunday 10th May 2009
Mumong Sport Complexs
16.00 p.m.

Result : JFC 0 - 5 JBS Belait Football Scheme.


First of all on behalf of the management, we would like to congratulates to all players for a very good game last night. Seperti yang di mahukan coach, we need to prove that we can play well as a individual and a team.

First half, the game was 50-50 where MS ABDB strategies playing from wide was well handled by Hazmi Balak and Zool Mental. Pele and Akim also managed to stop MS ABDB strikers from dancing around. Their strategies of running from midfield was well track by our midfield Sumbat, Samra and Dahlan/myself in the second half.

JFC managed to take a lead from a perfect pass from Sumbat and continued by speedy run of Kusil and later cross to Tupai for a well constructed goal. After that MS ABDB increase their Tempo but the first half ended with 1-0 to JFC.

Second half we make four changes by putting myself in, Piling, Lantik, and Labi. Eventhough udah minta discount inda dimainkan dari coach because of my groin injuries, masih jua kana suruh main. Aduh sakit amat udah balik rumah. We totally dominated the game with Abang and Labi managed to hold the ball upfront and fully supported by the midfield. Unfortanately 15 minutes to the final wisel Zool (Eeeee mental ku eh) make foul yang tidak terpaksa di sebelah kanan. A well constructed set piece and lack of awarness from Goalie provided the goal for ABDB through Hj Yusof. That’s the only clear chances they have in the second half. We’ve created numbers of clear cuts chances but unlucky not to score.

Overall it was well improved performances from all players from their hard work in training this week. Thanks also to Awg Sulung for jadi linesman walaupun luan belurus. Welcome to Abang Norsilmy and Hazmi the Balak.

Pemain yg paling banyak makan : Hafiz (4 Bungkus), Tupai (4), Arib (4) Wadi (3).
Pemain yg inda tahan padas : Radzi & Akim

Kata-kata semangat di mlm : "Skill Bang Skill Bang" from Piling.

Players coming:
1st Eleven
Hafiz, Akim, Pele, Zool Hazmi, Kusil, Mendi, Samra, Sumbat, Wadi, & Tupai.
Radzi, Piling, Lantik, Abang Norsilmi, Din, Afiq, Dahlan, Bagol, Arib, Fadillah, Ak Arib, Bob.
Mangement:Coach Zul, Azam, Hj Baim, & Hj Lanut.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

World War II - JFC Vs ABDB

There will be world war II this Friday night at Pananjong Camp Tutong between JFC and MS ABDB. It's means second freindly game for this year agaisnt the warriors. We were deligthed that they have offer us as part of DST Brunei League which will commenced on 23rd May.

So guys do waste this respected offer, we need to get revenge for our defeat last time. All players need to gather first at JPPC (Under the bridge) at 18.30 p.m.

Monday, 4 May 2009

U-16 National League - JFC 2-3 Perkasa

JFC U-16 started their national league by been defeated by Perkasa. Macth was held yesterday at SMJA secondary school. Very unfortunate that I can't make it since having ministry tournament with BSP. Same as coach and Manager where they've also playing in the tournament.

Since I didn't wacth the macth, so nothing much can be blog. As per coach Hj Baim simple comment, lack of experience playing in a team and first time ever playing on the artificial surface is the factor for the defeat.

But don't get down boys, try again on the next game.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sianu kah? Or Orang Lain

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


First of all I would like to minta ampun and maaf sebab nearly two weeks inda update blog. Maklumlah banyak commitment dah. Today telah di adakan penyampaian hadiah untuk pemain terbaik bagi bulan April. Seperti yg di maklumkan, pemilihan bedasarkan kedatangan, commitment pada latihan dan pasukan. Mereka ialah, Labi, Tupai, and Bob. Tahniah kepada mereka dan di harap dapat meningkat lagi mutu permainan dan kesefahaman dalam pasukan. Pada yang lain jaganlah ber putus asa, yang penting tingkatkan kemampuan diri dan pasukan untuk mendapat kejayaan bersama.

Seperti yang kedengaran dan kelihatan, mungkin ada pemain baru yang akan diserapkan dalam pasukan seperti Ronaldo, Lanutinho, Radzivaldo, Azamorres, etc. Di ingatkan pada semua pemain supaya fokus pada latihan, jangantah sibuk difikirkan. Coach Zul akan memastikan hanya pemain yang dapat bermain sebagai satu pasukan saja yang akan di serapkan. So sama-samalah kita menyokong coach dan ahli-ahli JFC yang lain untuk membentuk satu pasukan yang mantap.

Esk 30th April ada friendly di padang Kebajikan, afternoon.

Perkumpulan Raksasa


Sufri @ Tupai

Hakim @ Bob. Best freind Tupai.

JFC U-16

JFC U-16 will participate in the National league which was organised by FFBD. First game will be on Sunday at SMJA Secondary School @ 16.00. Coached by Hj Baim, Shahbudin, and managed by Hj Khairu.l

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Last Friday night we've a friendly game against MS ABDB at Penanjong Camp Tutong. As you know result nya kalah 4-0 where two goals scored in each half. As a well organised team they play two different teams, one in the first half and another in the second half. JFC welcome back goalkeeper Hafiz in the team. From the performance last night he need to work more since two of the goals can be stop if he train frequently. There's no Azwan, Saiful, Sumbat, Arib, Kumang Big, Wadi, Arif Ucing, pele, and Dahlan for this game due to their own reasonss.

The goal was totally gift to ABDB due to miss communication in our defence. Since this is the first time Zul mental playing centre half with new combination, we did expect that they will have problem handling the fast and furious MS ABDB striker. But at the end congrats to all defender for their hard work. Kesian si Zul, udah dapat main paksa plang main tempat baru. For Akim@ chinese looking, he did play well where improvement can be seen on fitness, strength, and organising the defence. Not bad for 19 yrs old boy. We need more young players like him.

On the another end, our striker have to be improve in holding the ball since we are playing a team which press very hard. So by the holding the ball, we can play short pass other than long ball. Midfield also need to be improved, still looking for right combination.

Overall it's a very good freindly game for each players. Very unfortunate that we still can't play the best first eleven but the available team doesn't let us down jua. To play better we need to agaisnt a good team like MS ABDB. Thanks to them for inviting us, jumpa lagi dalam Liga.

First Eleven.
(T) Radzi, Samra, Hafiz, Labi, Akeem, Akim.
(D) Sufri, Asril, Zool, Zul, Buyut.

Huzairol, Korea, Awg, Ak Arif, Sadli, Oiling, Afiq,
Airil, Lantik, Rahim.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Guys, as everybody know that this Friday we will agaisnt ABDB at Penanjong Camp Tutong @ 19.30 p.m. Meeting point will be at POLO CLUB (under the bridge) and be there at 17.00 p.m. Nothing else other than to give experience for the young player agaisnt a well organised team. So please confident and play as a team.

Today training session.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Mungkin ramai warga JFC yang sudah tahu, tapi pada sesiapa yang belum ingin saya maklumkan yang Jasni @ the pocher will not play for JFC again this season. Last Sunday was his last day in Brunei, going back to his homeland Sandakan.

A bit sad to blog this out since personaly I miss him so much (dalam JFC ah, ukan yg lain). JAsni ialah seorang yang menhormati orang lain inda kira tua atau muda dari ia. Mungkin banyak team lain yang gembira pasal ia nada main pasal inda payah lagi menjaga. Sebelum ia balik ia ada hantar SMS to say sorry if ada kesalahan dan beterima kasih pada JFC kerana menjadikan ia penyerang yang di geruni. Ada yg ceta ia ani mula-mula datang Brunei macam mat rock heheh. Inda pandai main bula usulnya. Tapi lama-lama jadi pemain yang baik dan penting untuk JFC.

Banyak bakti yang di curahkan nyapada JFc selama ani yg mungkin inda terbalas dengan apa cara sekali pun. Di doakan semoga ia akan bejaya dengan apa yang di impikan nya disamping keluarga dan dapat main lagi di lain masa.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

JFC 4 - 0 BSP FT

Congrats to everybody for a good game and trip to Seria last night. Goal scored by Radzi (pen), Tupai, Fendi (2).

Sebelum berangkat dari JPCC


Post macth briefing.

Makan time.

Udah kanyang beulah tia. Marah manager.