Friday, 16 April 2010

HAFIZ Nominated as DST B-League Best Goal Keeper

Last season best goalkeeper have been nominated again this year together with two other goalie. The award will be announced tommorow after the FA cuo final between QAF FC and MS ABDB. Very unfortunate that Azwan was not nominated in the young player award. Good Luck to Hafiz and hopefuly the award will go to him again, Amin... Ok Tu Bro.. eh eh eh eh eh

Monday, 5 April 2010


Sunday, 4 April 2010


It's the end of the road, but it will be not the end of JFC spirit to keep on kicking the ball and having fun in National Football league scene. So now we changed our team name to Jerudong Fun Club.... *lol*...

We start well, coming back well, controlling the game especially in the second half, but it's still not enough since MS ABDB managed to scored one goal more than us. Pressing well early in the game, we managed to score from Sumbat clinical finish after been set out by Azwan. His left footed shot left MS ABDB keeper helpless. It was less than one minute into the game. Knowing that MS ABDB is very dangerous from set piece, we did the same mistake again from previous games by allowing number of simple foul which led to their first and second goal. JFC then gear up the tempo and from a well work between midfield and forward, Samra managed to make it square again from a tremendous shot from long range which led the goalie helpless again.

After having teh tarik and number of songs by coach Zul in the dressing room, second half was all JFC. Possession will not win the game unless you managed to score. Yes it did proved when MS ABDB through Zizi managed to scored the winning goal to make in 3-2. Good luck to all four teams in the semi final.

Last night we also announced that four players and three managements will go to Kuala Lumpur for special training as been promised by the Manager. Azwan was confirmed and the others waiting for SMS voting. See me at the airport hehhehehe.

Radzi, Akeem, Shah, Sufian @ Tupai, Abang, Azwan. Arrifin, Arif @ Ucing, Samra, Hafiz, Sumbat.

Friday, 2 April 2010


Oppppppsss it's the defending champion, second in the league, well trained, well organised, and just finished their major exercise recently. MS ABDB, our opponent in the Quarter Final of DST FA Cup 2010. Previous result in the league was all square, but this time it will be different knowing that we are not prepared that well and MS ABDB have their own die hard reason to be till the final stage.

Like a speech we always hear, the ball is round and anything could happen. With the experience and youngster in the team, I believed we can do it.

JFC fans, do support us tommorow at Belapan, 20.00 p.m. local time.