Thursday, 30 December 2010

RE-CAP 2010

Two days to go and it will be 2011. Brunei League should start few months ago but it keeps on pending and pending. Not sure what’s the reason behind it even though there’s a lot of rumours about it which I dun really care so much.

2010 is another great season for JFC after securing 4th place for the second time below QAF, MS ABDB, and AM Gunners. It’s a bit chaos in the early stage of the season with a cruel last minute crazy rules by the organiser@ etc which not allowing Army personnel’s to play with other than MS ABDB. Seven-Eight our listed playa was the employee of ABDB. We crawl back like anggak under the guidance of experienced playa like Abg, coach Zul, Hj Lanut, Hj Baim, Managers Azam, Bak, and not forgotten our hansom leader Hj Murni. This year we saw young playa like Akeem, Wadi, Azwan, Ucing, and many more have progressively improves throughout the seasons. Not to forget the veteran play who still show their loyalty to the team. Overall it’s a good team performance for a team which don’t have any superstar, less fund, and facilities for training. Syukur kepada Allah.

2011 is coming and expected a different challenge. Numbers of playa will be out from the team due to career and other personal issues. It’s happen before and believes with teamwork, we can do better. Insyallah….