Sunday, 21 June 2009


Brunei Times.
MD AZWAN ALI RAHMAN's goal in the 42nd minute was enough to give the National Schools Sports Council (MSSSBD) a 1-0 victory over Brunei-Muara in the 2009 Youth Sports Festival's football final at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, in Berakas, last night.

It was a good counterattack by MSSSBD and bad defence by the Brunei-Muara side that led to the goal.The MSSSBD captain received the ball outside the box, turned brilliantly to avoid a Brunei-Muara defender and went one-on-one with the goalkeeper, Md Fadillah Tarif before unleashing a thunderous strike that beat his opponent.MSSSBD came out storming at the start of the game and almost scored as early as the sixth minute with a header by Md Azwan, which hit the post.

To Azwan, Akeem, and Mang, hope to see you back to training with JFC soon.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

COME ON JFC!!!!!!!!

A very productive weekdays training session plus one friendly game in between. As a bonus, there will be no training tommorow. Today is the best training session that I ever remember and hopefuly we can continue till end of the season. Why I say the best? Because we concentrate, focus, and show determination during the sparing session. We tackle, pressure, and keep the ball very well.

To all ABDB players, sabarlah ah. Not sure when this political drama will end. Just keep on training with the team and be fit all the time.

Less than 3 weeks to go before our third game. The journey masih jauh, so diharap pemain akan dapat memberikan commitment yang lebih untuk kejayaan bersama.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

JFC 5 - 1 Ministry Of Developement.

First Eleven :
Korea, Saiful Azmi, Jojo, Zul, Kumang @ Azri, Cendul, Samra, Sumbat, Mendy, Piling, Wadi
Radzi, Aziz, Airil, Hj Baim, Buyut, Dillah.
Management : Coach Zul, Hj Murni, Azam, Hj Lanut & Tunang, Bak.
Goal Scorer: Wadi (3), Piling, Saiful Azmi.

JFC Players With MOD:
Lantik, Abang, & Labi (injured)

Monday, 8 June 2009


Congrats bro for getting married yesterday.. Sorry we can't escort you to Rizqun. Enjoy your honeymoon but make sure you also get prepared soon for the next game. May Allah bless both of you.. Moga kekal dan happy selamanya. Amin...
Sorry for the pic... hehehhehe hensem kali ah. Go to, baru ada official photo.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


First time I wacth my junior playing and nailed their first win of the season after beating JBS Mengelait 3-2 at SMJA artificial grass pitch this afternoon. So excited wacthing them playing eventhough physicaly they are smaller in average compare to their opponents. JBS lead 2-1 in the first half but JFC come back strongly in second half by scoring two more goals. Plan to give support to the team but at last doing a bit of coaching. Congrats to them.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Clap clap clap clap.. Kudos’ to JFC players and committee for a very good game last night against MS ABDB.

A lot of story been build up towards this games, from the uncertainties service of players working with ABDB, stressful friendly game with Iklas, grueling training by Hj Lanut, and conflict between one player with the coach. This week we also received running shoes with the sexy sock (ladies type) hehhehe. Thanks manager.

A positive sign was shown in the dressing room where all players came on time with complete game kit, committee lead by Aziz & Aieril busy with the kits, and special appearances of Guli.. heheh

We start very nervous in the first half where poor control, less pressure, and discipline among the players clearly visible. We did have some chances but still we didn’t play as usual. MS ABDB managed to take lead from set pieces. Hafiz fails to come out and clear the ball from right side where he can do much better. Eh nya pun nada. Sardillah managed to scores from a dancing header.

We get into the dressing room and listen for some valuable instruction from coach Zul. We know we can do it but some player still lack of confidence and discipline. Second half we try to play more aggresive, stopping them from playing their tone. From a fantastic corner kick by Mendy managed to find Wadi where he head and scored a goal. We celebrate like crazy and a bit diff (shaking with coach). Wadi runs to coach just to let know that the goal is for him. So now no more conflict between Wadi and coach. damai dah heheh. After the leveler both side play for the winning goal. We were lucky that Roy Suhardi only managed to hit the post.

One yellow card to Labi and two stitches to Tupai. He got clash with MS ABDB players and also two days MC.

Overall we played well in the second half. We did meet our promised to make JFC standard level with the top team in the league. League will be break for one month. Next game will be against AH United on 3rd July 2009.

First Elev: Hafiz, Labi, Abang, Akeem, Azri, Sumbat, Samra, Radzi, Mendy, Tupai, Azwan.
Reserve: Arib, Dahlan, Lantik, Mang Damit, Asril, Wadi.
Medic : Hj Baim.
Management: Azam, Coach Zul, Hj Lanut (Aher dtg), Aziz, Fadillah, Atong, Aieril, Bob.
Pemain yang Sengsara Menunggu : Zul, Piling, Korea, Buyut, Saiful Azmi.

Monday, 1 June 2009


On behalf of PELE, would like to invite all JFC players to his wedding function :

7th June 2009
N0 10, Spg 90, Kg Mulaut.
10.45 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.


JFC players on the month goes to:


Prize presentation was done after friendly game at JKR. Congrats to you all and keep it up. Would like to remind all players, we just just only won one game! There's long way to go. So keep on training, give commiment, and teamwork.