Sunday, 28 February 2010

JFC 4TH IN DST BPL 2009/2010

Guys, Majra was beaten by BSFT 1-2 this afternoon. That's mean JFC was 4th in the league with one point margin. Congrats to all JFC peoples!! It proved that with teamworks, support, courage, brave, and sporting spirit we managed to maintain our position with the top team in the league. More to come from our manager.

1st March 1st Training..

Guys, we will back for training tommorow at JP. Don't forget to bring you running and futsal shoe.....

Thursday, 25 February 2010


No tears, no emotion, no police after the game, apart from joy on every players after a win on the last game of the season. Playing Indera FC with a very talented players on their boots last night, we show our character after coming back from the dead. Been led by Indera FC in the second half, most of the players screaming " payah jua kan manang ani!!!!!!" If there's no lady luck, the MIB will be the culprit. TBC.. kan renew road tax keta ku dulu.. aher karang...

Monday, 22 February 2010


Congratulation tu Lantik @ Sufian for what ever reason. Semoga semakin matang and sentiasa ceria di samping orang tersayang.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


First team is ready to play the game with every players in their positions and have the kick off. Opponent team still have a team talk or baca baca at the middle of another half. Suddenly the game was start and first team managed to scored.

Should the referee start the game?
Is the goal legaly allowed?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


We are celebrating the goal, suddenly the game was played which let to equalizer by Majra FC. There’s no instruction from the linesman to make sure we stay in the field. It’s like they are helping Majra FC to punish us for leaving the game for the celebration. It’s happen less than 30 seconds after we scored. Where is the FAIR PLAY that we all shouting about! Is the MIB sure all rules was followed before he re-start the game? I don’t think so and very very sure. He was totally blur after that. After Majra scored the second goal, we re-start the game directly where in the same time an opponents was still in our side. What is in the head of the MIB? On the Fair Play side of view, lucky we don’t scored or else the game will ended in Blood.

Coach Zul reminded us before the game try not to agaisnt the official, damn God he make a very un expected decision again. I know everybody feel frustated and down after that.

He was the man who let the extra time extended which led to Bayong winner. Why he should be the official again just after one game? Is the organizer sleeping? We can just walk away after that and boycott the game. But we try to be professional and enjoy the game. But I don’t know until when?? Something needs to be done.

To all players, I always said respect the referee on whatever condition. Thanks for keeping your head cool last night. It’s very tight this season where all team is nearly par with each other, but we have to agreed that the MIB decision did cost us a lot this time. We will do the post mortem tomorrow di Padang Sekolah.

To all JFC fans, we would like to say sorry for letting you down. Well done also to MAJRA fans and players for a very dramatic night. Hope that everything just ended last night because we will see u again in future. Hep hep Horreyyy…

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hard Ground Training

Mun manager meliat, gerenti kana marah.
Pebarisan untuk hari Kebangsaan.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


After sixteen games, only just now I managed to wacth preview of DST Brunei Premeire league on RTB. I try not to claim for the past thing which cannot changed. Firstly, four plus one minute extra time handed QAF FC maximum three points through Bayong 5th minute injury time goal. Second, I saw with my own eyes that the gunners goal was handball during our last game, and its proven just now. The player jugling the ball with his hand. Can't believed the MIB did not see it! But he was right awarding us the penalty when Mendy was pulled back by Gunners captain.

Very suprise that the media disputing our penalty award and not mentioning the Thery Henry goal style. Hope the MIB did not make the same things in our future game.


Sad to informed that our freindly game at JKR A cancelled due to uncircumstances reason. We've already line-up the team for today where I was eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to all my teamates, sorry I can't make it for our most important game of the season lawan Majra. But I believed kamu boleh buat or you can do it! So aku relaxssss lah this week, focus on my other project.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Monday, 1 February 2010


First of all, thanks to our manager for organising the event eventhough he can't make it. Purpose of the function is just to realease a bit of tension after a very busy week of training. It doesn't mean that we aren't taking tommorow game seriously. We want that all players enjoy the moment before, during, and after the game. As been plan, there's a "Siapa Berani Competition" to select the best dress of the night. The theme is "al Haji'.

Second - RamleeAkeem

90% Group Photo

Best dress winner - SamsuMendy

Third Place - LantikAziz