Friday, 29 January 2010


All JFC members are invited.
Soto Rindu Giant.
Monday, 1st Febuary 2010. Lepas Training.
Anything special?
Nothing, but whoever wear topi haji will get a prizes. Term & condition

Five days training, I only missed one. This show that I'm really serious for the three remaining games and one of the reason also maybe I'll fully occupied next week uwaaaa jgn time game!!!!
Numbers of suspension and we'll miss numbers of key players. It's happen before so it won't be a big issues. AM Gunners, Majra, and Indera areall very very good but the important things is we need to prepare ourself first before thinking about all of them.

Friday, 22 January 2010

JFC is not a Flies.

Jerudong's players were dropping like flies last night, their players being injured one after another with each tackle by QAF, which disrupted the match as play had to be stopped repeatedly."But it was a good match and playing against the top five team always gives us more pressure."Overall I'm very satisfied with the win" Rahim said. – From Brunei Times.

JFC is not a flies!!!!!. Our players did get injured in the final quarter of the game because we work hard, playing QAF FC with 10 players for the whole second half. When got injured, substitution was made instantly in order to absorb the attack and put more effort on attacking. Open your eyes, we did outplayed QAF FC in the first half or even in the second half, until they put Viban in smelling that their first defeat is coming. Not sure if he’s legal to play or not.

JFC have improved a lot for the past three years with a good management, coach, and development of young player. We can see it now, where there’s no star in the team, no ex-DPMM player, and no new player been kidnap from the other team. To add more, eight of our player was not allowed to play because of MS ABDB policy which we have to respect and other with personnel comitment. We've try to stand with our policy to developing young player and make sure they are ready when ever required by the national team eventhough we've don't have a big fund. Thanks to our manger generousity for taking care of this team. Apart from that our discipline is gradually improving by standing on the referee decision, and try to emphasize fair play all the time even though we’ve been provoke!

Whoever thinks that JFC is a flies , please wash your mouth! and use a proper words in the future. Players of both team have shown their sporting spirit in the pitch, please don’t spoil it with your emotional and un-professional act.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

JFC 2 - 3 QAF FC

Viban Bayong again became the main destroyer to JFC, scoring last minute goals. He did the same in our first round leaue game. We start brightly last night with our passing, movement, and defence. QAF FC was nothing in the first half until they brought Viban in. Our first goal was scored by Sumbat simple tap in after a good work from Tupai.

Second half both team start slowly, but our defence fall to sleep allowing cross from the left which lead Hardi to make it level for QAF FC. Trouble rised up when Arif fail to control himself which lead to un-professional play. Second yellow card and a red card gift from the referee. We did re-group well when we only let myself play alone in the central midfield. But again another mistake from Hafiz, error on his goal kick which easily contril by Hardi. He then slot the ball to Viban which easily out force Akeem which made Hamizan free to make a dummy and score QAF second. Coach gave instruction not to defence, try to offence and it did paid off when Tupai brilliantly outclass QAF FC defense and Keeper for our second goal only three minutes after QAF taking the lead.

After that the game was all level in term of possession and chances. Hoping that a draw is good enough for us, we absorb the attack calmly. But the referee also very calm to allowed the game going extra five minutes whereby he have initialy decided to give four minutes. Four minutes is not enough, QAF FC need five minutes to scored the winning goals from Viban after numbers of situation that the referee can blow the final whistle.

After that its all waiting to be erupted. Yes I'm right, incident happen but I cant blog it out. Toooo cofidential.. hehhehe. Players re-group in the dressing room and I'm glad to see that they didn't turn down knowing hundred percent effort was made. Congrats to both team for showing a good sporting spirit through out the game.

It's so dramatic and happening, hopely everybody will learn from this valuable experience. Looking foward for the next game agaisnt another top team in the league, AM Gunners.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


2121 - that's not the year when Jerudong Fc beat QAF FC. This is the scoreline for our first round macth and the league Cup agaisnt QAF. Nothing much to shout, maybe I just give a lyrics specially for JFc from Black eye pyesssss :

"I got the feeling, tonight will be agood night... I got the feeling toninght we go win.... yea yeaaaaaa"

First eleven for tonight:

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hatrick by birthday boy Azwan and first ever goal from me help JFC thrashed Wijaya FC last night at Belapan Sport Complexs. We start very very bad in the first half, one of the worse start that I can remebered. Everything going wrong from the control, positioning, passing, and semualah. We were lucky that Arif did made two important safe, or else we've mountain to climb.

Numbers of debate in the dressing room which I can't post here, too cofidential. Alhamdulillah, all players make their promise to do all out in the second half. Three minutes into the game, Azwan score his first from a simple header after receiving cross from Lantik. We keep on pressing and scored the second goal few minutes later. Corner kick taken by me and gagal di clear by Wijaya defence which later land to the venom left foot of Azwan. His third goal came from my right crossing after a smooth play with Lantik. The highlight for last night will be my first goal after 14 games.

Sorry guys, no team photo pasal Hj lanut inda pandai pakai camera. So aku post hero kitani and birthday boy saja.

First Eleven : Arib, Shah, Akeem, Jojo, Mang, Lantik, Arrifin, Radzi, Rahim, Tupai, Azwan

Reserve : Hafiz, Samsul, Asril, Sumbat, Bob, Mendy, Abang.

Looking foward for our game agaisnt QAF FC.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Road to clash with Wijaya

If we play today, sure we can register all the players. Cukup 18 orang. Ermmm macam ada promise ja if labih 13 orang... Ermmmmmm
Happy birthday yg ke-18 to Azwan......

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Request all JFC players to give their photocopy passport to Hj Lanut ASAP. Not sure for what, maybe mendagani aku ke KL kali... Hehehehheheh

Tommorow we have final preparation for the game agaisnt Wijaya. So please come as early as possible.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Maybe we are seri expert but unless we have point tonight. Banyak clear chances and one of it was from my extra time header towards the goal, only AH United Cicak man make a great save yang menghalang JFC dari mendapat mata penuh.
We start the game without Abang and Rahim who was suspended. Jojo and Akeem play central defence while Arrifin and Sumbat start at the wide. Samra back in the first eleven, Arif Goal keeper, Mendy and Azwan as a striker. I believed we have continue our momentum in the second round, only luck seperating us from making it fastastic.
Looking on the first Eleven, only aku and Samra yg tua. The other was under 20. Its a positive sign for the current and future of JFC.
Overall its another great performance especially Jojo and Akeem who is defending like a tiger. Ganas kali ah, only one mistake which contributing the first goal. Sorry palau and mengantuk ku udah. Walaupun sekali ja belatih before this game, tapi ok jua lah..... Tapi inda dapat malar tu.. Zzzzzzz

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Zool & Noor Atikah Wedding reception

Alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah, Zool & Noor Atikah telah selamat di sandingkan tengahari tadi. Zool telah mengadakan resepsi nya di Dewan Kemasyarakatan Mukim Sengkurong. Di hadiri oleh sahabat handai bola, Zool nampak ceria dan tidak mental.. He hehhe Congrats Zul Mental.. Both of them have double OO. So expected twin baby.. hehheh

Masihkah anda ingat yang berbaju Merah ini