Friday, 25 April 2008

Wow! Wow! Wow! We Won again.. JFC 3 - 2 AH United.

Wow! Wow! Wow! JFC Won again. JFC (3) – (2) AH United

A brace from Radzi and first goal ever for Lantik have given JFC their fourth winning game in a row. Hunting for maximum three points we are well prepared before the game with heavy training through out the week. Two clear cut chances in the early five minutes prove we are serious and should give us a comfortable lead but it was denied by our striker poor finishing. AH united only managed to create chance outside our penalty box. Our first goal coming from a fantastic run by Radzi which managed to pass two defender before slotting a cool finishing. Our defender look solid won every high ball tactic from a good understanding between Saiful Azmi and Hazmi. We were unfortunate when conceding a goal even though controlling the game. Zul was sleeping by playing Hilmi Zambin onside where all of three defenders try to play offside. JFC keep on pressing and the second goal coming direct from the corner kick. It was the third time this season that Radzi managed to score direct from corner kick. First half ended with 2-1 to JFC.

Second half it was all JFC again where we’ve managed to created a lot of chances. Third goal coming from Lantik, dribbling three players before slotting a very chicky shot. So what, it’s his first ever goal for JFC. He celebrated it like crazy. Fantastic performances from him comparing to first half. AH united managed to cut the deficit through Helmi Zambin again after Arif was unlucky when his save fall infront of the striker. After that it’s all tactical play by us where we try to slow the game with what ever we can do.

1st Eleven: Arif, Zul, Hazmi, Saiful Azmi, Buyut, Lantik, Radzi, Samra, Rahim, Jasni, Tupai.

Reserves: Huzairol, Atong, Zulkifli (Lantik), Arif (Tupai), Basing, Tuyul (Samra).

Man Of The Macth : RAdzi (Two goals)

Monday, 21 April 2008


Azri Jumat @ Simang have won hmmm Best player, top scorer, best striker, best defender.... he he bukan.. juara keseluruhan sukan universiti ugama.. he he inda tau nama sebenar.. Tahniah pada Azri...

Friday, 18 April 2008

Fishing Trip to Pelumpong or Labuan.. he he

Jerudong FC Rempit
All JFC players, ahli commitee yg inda bertanggungjawap merancang untuk mengadakan fishing trip jika ada waktu yg sesuai sebelum game. So sapa yg menyokong, sila sokong dlm Kurapak Saja shoutbox. No 5 proposed ke Labuan plang.. So do wait.. just shout it out..

*Budget TBC.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

No more Azwan! (Players frm Sekolah Sukan Inda Dpt Main lagi!)

13th game of the season, fantastic performance every games, scoring more than five, just to summarized JFC feelings when Azwan was not allowed by Sekolah Sukan to take anymore part in DST Brunei league 2008. JFC is not the only team shock by this sudden crazy news, Wijaya and indera also badly affected. Why! why! why! maybe afraid of injuries! Lack of quality in the league? or maybe they have their own agenda.

Ask every players in Sekolah Sukan, for sure they really want to play in the league. So why should we stop them!!!! Kamu fikir lah sendiri...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Jerudong FC crash Wijaya FC 4-1.

JFC produced a fantastic performance last night at Berakas Sport complex by defeating big name in Brunei football league, Wijaya FC by four goals to one. Hatrick from Jasni the phenomenon and one goal from Tupai have strengthened JFC third place in the league where the nearest team Majra FC will play QAF FC tonight. Hope they will lose. he he he.

JFC was two goal ahead in just twenty minutes. First goal came from a dangerous free kick by Radzi where Jasni react deadly on the rebounces after Wijaya keeper fails to hold the ball. Second goal came from right cross by Jul, which was flick by Jasni and hit the post then Tupai managed to follow up and score the second with his sepak raga style. Wijaya FC managed to cut the deficit from penalty kick when JFC defenders fail to deal with Suni strength after receiving long ball from Zul Hesky. Kumang was claim by the referee for holding Suni.

Coach Zul made substitution in second half by replacing Basing with Hazmi. Hazmi managed to settle promptly on Wijaya long ball where Basing fail to do it in the first half. After that it’s all JFC from defending, middle of the park, and attacking. Third goal came from Jasni header after a perfect corner from Radzi. JFC kill game when Jasni score his hatrick after receiving a perfect pass from Dahlan Zainuddin.

JFC can make more goal but due to inconsistency call from the referee, we miss two clear-cut penalty kick award. Overall it’s a good team performance after a hard work a long the week. Well-done JFC! Inda rugi belatih.. Ah united to come……

1st Eleven : Hafiz, Zul mental, Saiful Azmi, Basing, Kumang Basar, Lantik, Radzi, Samra, Rahim.
Reserve: Arif, Wadi, Dahlan, Huzairol, Hamzi, Atong, Zul Tusin.
Suspended: Arif and Buyut.
Yellow card : Radzi.