Tuesday, 26 May 2009

JFC 2 - 0 NBT FC

Congrats to all players, management, kit man, and supporters for winning the first game last night. Goal scored by right foot of Mendy and Sufri@ Tupai. Full story will be update later...


Last Saturday we've changed the training mode to running and swimming as been suggested by Azam. Sorry guys can't join both sessions but at least I've some shots for you all. Ermmm harapkan Hj Lanut sorry lah. Mesti nada kenangan. So enjoy the pics.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


It was a very good turn up last nyte eventhough some members can't turn up due personal reason. Penyambut tetamu tediri daripada Hj Lanut, Hj Baim, and Bak sudah awal-awal lagi menunggu dibawah restaurant. Inda tau menunggu kami kah or lain. Acara di mulakan dengan bacaan doa selamat diketuai oleh Ustaz to be, Azri Jumat. Selepas itu makan, ucapan dari Coach, Pengurus, dan Ketua pasukan. Banyak kata-kata semangat dan nasihat yang di luahkan dan diharap mengambil itu semua secara positive.

Sekali lagi di ingatkan kepada semua pemain yang listed supaya dapat memberi commitment yang sepenuh nya untuk kejayaan bersama. Mungkin banyak halangan yang akan ditempuh bagi individu or pada pasukan tetapi dengan kerjasama dan perpaduan, Insyallah kejayaan akan dapat dicapai.

Terima kasih pada pihak pengurusan di atas dinner and pakain yang telah diberikan. Pada member-member yang inda listed, thanks jua datang. Bah kalat mata ku eh.. inda tantu dh ku menaip ni..

Ustaz Azri lead the Doa.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

To all JFC players and managements.
Rang Mahal Restaurant (Same building with Imperial Sports shop Batu 1)
20th May 2009
Casual attire.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

jerudongfc.blogspot.com in DPMM FC Macth report.

Guys, it was really suprised that our blogspot was made as a one whole page articles in DPMM FC macth report magazine agaisnt the Young Lion last night.... Wuuuuuuuuuu.... Ermmmmm..

Saturday, 16 May 2009


First of all sorry guys, nada update blog ani nearly one week udah pasal connection problem di umah and BZ masa ani..

Last Monday we've announced 25 listed players for 2009/2010 season. Manager, coach, Captain, and senior players have a very healthy discussion after freindly game agaisnt ABDB and come up with final 25. It was a hard decision to make after all the commiments given during the pre-season training. Our focus is to set a team which we believe can work as a team, high potential, commited, and mesti bagus main lah.

Will display the final list later. For those yang terpilih, di ucap kan taniah dan diharap dapat menjadikan JFC sebuah pasukan yang di segani dan berjaya. Pada yang tidak terpilih, di ucapkan terima kasih kerana ada yang masih ikut berlatih. There will be a chance in the second round.

Players- "You have become JFC players, so give your full commitmentsss to go through what will be a very fantastic season. Suka duka kita lalui bersama.. heheheh"

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Sunday 10th May 2009
Mumong Sport Complexs
16.00 p.m.

Result : JFC 0 - 5 JBS Belait Football Scheme.


First of all on behalf of the management, we would like to congratulates to all players for a very good game last night. Seperti yang di mahukan coach, we need to prove that we can play well as a individual and a team.

First half, the game was 50-50 where MS ABDB strategies playing from wide was well handled by Hazmi Balak and Zool Mental. Pele and Akim also managed to stop MS ABDB strikers from dancing around. Their strategies of running from midfield was well track by our midfield Sumbat, Samra and Dahlan/myself in the second half.

JFC managed to take a lead from a perfect pass from Sumbat and continued by speedy run of Kusil and later cross to Tupai for a well constructed goal. After that MS ABDB increase their Tempo but the first half ended with 1-0 to JFC.

Second half we make four changes by putting myself in, Piling, Lantik, and Labi. Eventhough udah minta discount inda dimainkan dari coach because of my groin injuries, masih jua kana suruh main. Aduh sakit amat udah balik rumah. We totally dominated the game with Abang and Labi managed to hold the ball upfront and fully supported by the midfield. Unfortanately 15 minutes to the final wisel Zool (Eeeee mental ku eh) make foul yang tidak terpaksa di sebelah kanan. A well constructed set piece and lack of awarness from Goalie provided the goal for ABDB through Hj Yusof. That’s the only clear chances they have in the second half. We’ve created numbers of clear cuts chances but unlucky not to score.

Overall it was well improved performances from all players from their hard work in training this week. Thanks also to Awg Sulung for jadi linesman walaupun luan belurus. Welcome to Abang Norsilmy and Hazmi the Balak.

Pemain yg paling banyak makan : Hafiz (4 Bungkus), Tupai (4), Arib (4) Wadi (3).
Pemain yg inda tahan padas : Radzi & Akim

Kata-kata semangat di mlm : "Skill Bang Skill Bang" from Piling.

Players coming:
1st Eleven
Hafiz, Akim, Pele, Zool Hazmi, Kusil, Mendi, Samra, Sumbat, Wadi, & Tupai.
Radzi, Piling, Lantik, Abang Norsilmi, Din, Afiq, Dahlan, Bagol, Arib, Fadillah, Ak Arib, Bob.
Mangement:Coach Zul, Azam, Hj Baim, & Hj Lanut.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

World War II - JFC Vs ABDB

There will be world war II this Friday night at Pananjong Camp Tutong between JFC and MS ABDB. It's means second freindly game for this year agaisnt the warriors. We were deligthed that they have offer us as part of DST Brunei League which will commenced on 23rd May.

So guys do waste this respected offer, we need to get revenge for our defeat last time. All players need to gather first at JPPC (Under the bridge) at 18.30 p.m.

Monday, 4 May 2009

U-16 National League - JFC 2-3 Perkasa

JFC U-16 started their national league by been defeated by Perkasa. Macth was held yesterday at SMJA secondary school. Very unfortunate that I can't make it since having ministry tournament with BSP. Same as coach and Manager where they've also playing in the tournament.

Since I didn't wacth the macth, so nothing much can be blog. As per coach Hj Baim simple comment, lack of experience playing in a team and first time ever playing on the artificial surface is the factor for the defeat.

But don't get down boys, try again on the next game.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sianu kah? Or Orang Lain