Saturday, 9 May 2009


First of all on behalf of the management, we would like to congratulates to all players for a very good game last night. Seperti yang di mahukan coach, we need to prove that we can play well as a individual and a team.

First half, the game was 50-50 where MS ABDB strategies playing from wide was well handled by Hazmi Balak and Zool Mental. Pele and Akim also managed to stop MS ABDB strikers from dancing around. Their strategies of running from midfield was well track by our midfield Sumbat, Samra and Dahlan/myself in the second half.

JFC managed to take a lead from a perfect pass from Sumbat and continued by speedy run of Kusil and later cross to Tupai for a well constructed goal. After that MS ABDB increase their Tempo but the first half ended with 1-0 to JFC.

Second half we make four changes by putting myself in, Piling, Lantik, and Labi. Eventhough udah minta discount inda dimainkan dari coach because of my groin injuries, masih jua kana suruh main. Aduh sakit amat udah balik rumah. We totally dominated the game with Abang and Labi managed to hold the ball upfront and fully supported by the midfield. Unfortanately 15 minutes to the final wisel Zool (Eeeee mental ku eh) make foul yang tidak terpaksa di sebelah kanan. A well constructed set piece and lack of awarness from Goalie provided the goal for ABDB through Hj Yusof. That’s the only clear chances they have in the second half. We’ve created numbers of clear cuts chances but unlucky not to score.

Overall it was well improved performances from all players from their hard work in training this week. Thanks also to Awg Sulung for jadi linesman walaupun luan belurus. Welcome to Abang Norsilmy and Hazmi the Balak.

Pemain yg paling banyak makan : Hafiz (4 Bungkus), Tupai (4), Arib (4) Wadi (3).
Pemain yg inda tahan padas : Radzi & Akim

Kata-kata semangat di mlm : "Skill Bang Skill Bang" from Piling.

Players coming:
1st Eleven
Hafiz, Akim, Pele, Zool Hazmi, Kusil, Mendi, Samra, Sumbat, Wadi, & Tupai.
Radzi, Piling, Lantik, Abang Norsilmi, Din, Afiq, Dahlan, Bagol, Arib, Fadillah, Ak Arib, Bob.
Mangement:Coach Zul, Azam, Hj Baim, & Hj Lanut.

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