Saturday, 24 January 2009

Putus Nyambung JFC 2009

Putus nyambung Putus nyambung putus nyambung.... Sekarang putus kita nak nyambung lagi..

Itulah lagu terbaru yang hangat di pasaran, sehangat khabar angin yg mengatakan B league berwajah baru akan bermula tidak lama lagi.

Guys, we have a meeting last night attended by main committee of JFC. Among the main topic been duscuss is our outlook for this year which consist of preparation, sponsorship, management, and target. Alhamdulillah it's all running smoothly like unagi where number of learning points from previous season was also highlighted. This year we've new manager which will be officially announced later after all the legal things been settle... But jangan susah hati donk, Hj Murni will be still around...

So be prepared physically since soon you gonna receive SMS from Hj Baim for first friendly game of the year. Hopefuly we will be do better next season...

So kalau putus baik nyambung lagi....

Thursday, 15 January 2009


The first meeting for the new Football Federation Of Brunei Darussalam was held last night at SNHB Lecturer Hall. Happy to informed you all that two of JFC members was selected as the main committee of FFBD. Hj Murni was selected as Ordinary committee and Azam DSLJ Hj Salleh as the assistant for Treasurer of FFBD.
It will be hill or mountain to climb for the new federation, but hopefully it's just the beginning of good result for our football.

Congrats to both of you, hopefully the New FFBD can bring our football to a high level local and internationally. Amin Amin Amin....

My hope for the new FFBD:

1. Hope that we become champion AFF Suzuki Cup @ Asean Cup (Beating Thailand in front of home crowd). I can't remember when is the last time we compete on regional or international tournament.
2. Sea Game gold medal or Bronze at least.
3. Our own national team which compete consistently on regional tournament or friendly game with top football team @ Manchester Utd.
4. Quality local league which have full coverage from RTB and ESPN.
5. etc..... Want to see more on our own National team.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


Biar renggang di Fana Dunia,
Biar Hina di mata manusia,
biar semangat makin tua,
biar akal semakin berusia,
biar jauh kedudukan kita,
biar Jauh Kedudukan kita,
biar jurang pangkat kita,
Jgn tergadai silaraturahim antara kita,

12 Month of happiness,
52 weeks of Funssssss..
365 days of successsss...
8760 hours of good health...
525600 minutes of good lucksss....
31536000 seconds of Joyssss...

"Happy new year to all JFC players, fans, and all yg sewaktu denganya..."