Wednesday, 25 June 2008


It was a great two training session this week when numbers of players have turn up including myself after a long month of heavy duties for my country. Players showed their commitments during training knowing that we need positive results for the upcoming games in the League. As a captain I remind every players that the best coach is yourself. You need to develope and prepare yourself for the games regardless you are first eleven or reserves. We cannot win with one player.

Its a bit sad that our potential defender Hazmi didn't turn up for training, maybe going for umrah or some where else. he he. To ustaz Azri we welcome you back which give more strength to the team.

Best story of the day:

"Dahlan kan Muntah setelah lama inda belatih.. Lalai kan bekaroake saja di KB"
"Awang Sulung Mental pasal banyak arahan masa main. Tapi arahan atu semua sama, hold, pass, and begerak" Ha ha

Thats all guys.. just want to kill my time waiting for Euro Semi final...


Majlis perundingan Kampong Jerudong akan menganjur kan Kejohanan Futsal antara kampung-kampung Mukim Sengkurong kali pertama yang akan dikendalikan oleh Persatuan Bolasepak Jerudong. Kejohanan ini akan di adakan pada 8-9 hb Ogos 2008 dan akan di bukakan pada kampong-kampong di Mukim Sengkurong sahaja. Pemain-pemain dari setiap pasukan hendaklah terdiri dari penduduk kampong dan warga Negara Brunei Darussalam. Keterangan Lanjut akan di maklumkan kemudian setelah borang kejohanan di edar kan.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Four Games To Go!!!!!

Its will the most important remaining games for JFC in order to get third spot in DST Brunei League 2008. To all JFC players, we need to work hard individualy and as a team. Although there's no incentive playing with this team but I believed freindship and respect is more important. Pada siapa yg inda faham.. datang bellatih.. he he

QAF FC, sedia2 tah...