Saturday, 24 December 2011

Welcome Back

Nearly Nine Months out from the radar, now I have times to update this blog. I know that lots of people sneak sneak in just want to know what we are doing especially on the curent 2011-2012 DST Brunei League. To be honest, I only have a little info on our team. Missing the first two games because of Malas, cycling, and other personnel commitment which is not interesting.

For JFC, some of the latest info:

1. In group B.
2. We've won the frist two games agaisnt LSC (5-1) and DST FC (4-2)
3. Currently managed by Tuan Hj Jalal.
5. Coach by Hj Baim and Shahjohan. (Coach Zul have commitment with HBT team)
6. More than 50% new faces. Haven't knew some of them.
7. Some of important players will be back in January.
8. Samra have been appointed captain. Unfortunately his injured and will missed the whole season, sorry to him. Hope he will get well soon.

Overall, the mission this season is to ensure that JFC still exist and play in the Premiere Leagu next season.

Stay tune.

*I don't why I'm updating this blog..


joseph burrell said...
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bacteria said...

Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Taiki Matsumura from Japan. I'm a footballer who play for FC GIFU in Japanese professional league division 2.

I'm really interested in getting involved in Brunei football. I've been in Brunei several times before on my vacation, and I loved spending time all the times. And this time, I heard from a Japanese footballer about the Brunei football and Super league. His name is Dan Ito, who had been playing for QAF FC for about the whole two seasons since 2006.

I have just few questions about the football league in Brunei called Super league that is suppose to launch in this December.

Does it really begin in this month?? I gave you a call once before, and a receiver told me that the committee of Brunei football is going to decide all details of the league and when it will start on the last day of this November.
In any event, I'd like to hear how it is going with the Super league now. And if it will be taken off soon, I'd like to get involved with it seriously. Could I get a trial then??

My email address is right here -

I hope to hear from you soon.


Ivan Zorich said...

My name is Ivan,coach from Serbia Europe. I was working in Africa,Asia(Vietnam) and Europe. I have lot of projects for football developments in all segments. Can someone give me e mail from club officials? thank you in advance.I hope that I can help little. Best Regards, (